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NYTRoof Awarded Robust Details Accreditation

NYTRoof, which is a panelised rapid-fit roof system manufactured by North Yorkshire-based NYTimber, has been awarded Robust Details accreditation.

After vigorous testing against strict criteria, NYTimber’s roof has been added to an exclusive list of approved pre-fabricated products that meet or exceed Part E of the Building Regulations Act, which monitors acoustic performance.

The NYTRoof Rapid Fit System, which is comprised of gable and party spandrels, and pre-insulated structural cassettes, dramatically increases the speed of build and saves time, money, and also reduces risk exposure to construction workers, who are now required to spend much less time working at a height.

Established in 1979, NYTimber is one of the largest independent timber merchants in the North East. It introduced the NYTRoof system in 2013, joining its range of off-site manufactured timber products such as spandrel panels and trussed rafters, which it supplies to housebuilders, construction companies, developers, and local builders.

Robust Details is a UKAS accredited product certification body, founded in 2004 as an industry led alternative to pre-completion sound testing.

Nick Kershaw, managing director of NYTimber, said: "Securing Robust Details accreditation for the NYTRoof was paramount to our strategy of remaining a leader in the panelised roof market, and is testament to our design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.

"It's imperative that our products provide a cost-effective solution, and by eliminating the need for on-site sound testing, we are confident customers will realise a significant saving."

This accreditation comes on the back of the NYTRoof receiving full acceptance from the NHBC (National House Building Council), which recently introduced new fire regulation criteria.

Mr Kershaw added: "The NYTRoof is manufactured by a highly-skilled team at our 120,000 sq ft distribution and manufacturing centre, and the accreditation coincides with NYTimber supplying its 2,000th NYTRoof, which is a success story in itself!"

NYTRoof Awarded Robust Details Accreditation