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NYTROOF Rapid Fit System

Designed – Fabricated – Delivered

NYTROOF is a panelised rapid-fit roof system designed, engineered, and manufactured by NYTimber. Comprised of gable and party spandrels, and pre-insulated structural cassettes, the NYTROOF replaces traditional attic roof trusses in 2.5 and 3 storey dwellings to create a warm room in the roof.

The Rapid Fit System also dramatically increases the speed of build, saving time, money, and reducing risk exposure to construction workers, who are now required to spend much less time working at a height. The pre-fabricated product is delivered to site ready to be craned into position, which eliminates wastage and the need to store materials on-site.

NYTROOF has been designed as a supply only system with on-site simplicity in mind, allowing existing locally employed tradespeople the ownership and ability to fit up to four roofs in one day, with the benefits of off-site fabrication such as dimensional accuracy and guaranteed lead times and delivery days. The NYTRoof Rapid Fit System lives up to its name and is far more efficient than traditional attic trusses and other roofing solutions.

NYTROOF has Robust Detail accreditation.

Customer benefits

  • Install up to 4 roofs in one day due to innovative rapid-fit system
  • Capacity to design, fabricate, and deliver more than 2,000 roofs per year
  • Designed to be fitted by local trades people
  • Off-site fabrication reduces construction times and labour costs
  • High insulation values and an A+ for products in the Code for Sustainable Housing
  • High level of dimensional accuracy and zero waste
  • On-site technical support and call off management

NYTimber is currently supplying national housebuilders with more than 15 regional offices across the North of England and the Midlands and has the capacity to manufacture and deliver more than 2000 roofs per year.

Our impressive range of engineered roofing solutions and pre-fabricated products now includes gable and party spandrel panels, which complement existing products such as roof trusses, engineered joists, and the rapid-fit NYTRoof system.

*Robust Details is a UKAS accredited product certification body, founded in 2004 as an industry led alternative to pre-completed sound testing.

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NYTROOF Rapid Fit System
NYTROOF Rapid Fit System
NYTROOF Rapid Fit System
NYTROOF Rapid Fit System