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Preservative Treatment

Our 100,000sqft factory houses two high-tech treatment tanks capable of providing both Tanalith E Green and Aqua Vacsol Clear treatments.

NYTimber is the only company in the North of England to offer short leadtimes for 5% solution strength treatment. This gives timbers a much higher service life depending on the end use.

Tanalith E
Tanalised E treated timber has been impregnated with Tanalith E wood preservative in our state of the art treatment tanks. Tanalised E treated timber has a distinctive natural green colouration.

It is the proven and effective choice for fencing, decking, leisure wood, playground equipment and building applications. Providing timber is treated with the correct solution strength and treatment cycle it can also be used with confidence in situations involving ground contact and fresh water contact.

The desired service life of Tanalised E treated timber ranges from 15 years up to 60 years depending on the end use.

Vacsol Aqua Clear
Timber treated with Vacsol Aqua Clear is virtually unchanged in appearance and is ideal for all internal and external construction applications above damp-proof course level such as general building timbers, timber frame components, trusses and softwood joinery. It should not be used for timber in contact with the ground.

Timber can be treated to either a 30 or 60 year desired service life depending on the application.

Use/Hazard Class
Our expert staff are able to treat timber to various use/hazard classes including 5% solution strength for special end uses including permanent ground and water contact, sea defences and motorway fencing.

The level of preservative treatment applied to timber varies according to the use/hazard class situation that the timber will be exposed to during its service life. Generally, a greater degree of protection is required as the use/hazard class increases.

Your local branch will help you decide which treatment will be most suitable for your end use and provide you with all the information you need as well as a personalised quote.

Customer Benefits

  • High-tech in house facilities
  • Green & clear treatment available
  • Treatments available for various use/hazard classes
  • Over 25 years' experience treating timber
  • High quality

For a competitive quote and expert advice contact us today!

Preservative Treatment
Preservative Treatment
Preservative Treatment